PBL & Google Project Management

Traci Bonde, CUE Rockstar Tahoe 2015 Day 1 Session

Sample Google Sheet view- collaborate/communicate in Google Sheets-set all elements of project:

  1. item or project list by students
  2. dates for due, benchmarks, milestones High Level Stuff
  3. notes
  4. questions for students
  5. status
Project Title Date Requested Notes Date Needed Status
Automate data from Infinite Campus to Destiny software 3/11/2015 A: do you have both accounts now? ASAP I have both accounts but I don’t have any instructions or directions on how to access Destiny (url, software, guide, etc.).

Google Site for overall project management/eportfolio- sample CTO Mentor project template can be modified by topic, week, unit

Grab this template from browse templates: Tahoe Rockstar

Tips on modifying templates

  1. Map It
  2. Build It
  3. Manage It

Manage assignments in Classroom and save all work in organized Drive folders.

You can marry Classroom and Sites this way:

  1. Classroom for assigning and submitting project files and assignments
  2. Sites for managing dates, deliverables, and overall communications



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