MakerEDU Classroom Resources

Kinder Visual Essay with iPad’s

Classroom layout idea &  Guide to Making & Tips for implementing

Equity & Makerspaces & Google+ Group & SCOE Maker Classes

Do want to get MakerEDU certified? Sonoma State Certificate Program & their resources

Great new resource for options when you want to create a Makerspace:   KQED Makers: Edutopia Maker topic page

3D printers are great when you have technical prowess and $$$$. What do you do with students that are in poverty? How do they get to be makers? I propose you introduce low cost and low-tech projects.

Low cost project idea: Popsicle stick trebuchet w/spoon launcher:

Classroom group activity:

Begin in the library:

Collection of articles on this popular topic:

Edutopia July 2015:

Connected Learning

National Leader in this movement: The Daring Librarian: Makerspace Starter Kit

MakerEDU your classroom:

MakerEd Forum takeaways 2017

CUE Rockstar Lake Tahoe 2015-Day 3:

Attn middle school teachers: a must read series: Kevin Jarret’s journey

2015 EdSurge Guide  to build your makerspace:

A Librarian’s Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources


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