This past month I was asked to be a Provocateur for ISTE’s 1st Leadership Summit.  Target Audience: Administrators from all over the US & Canada.  We went through the IDEO Design Process over 2.5 days in search of 1 Big Idea that would move the needle in our districts.  Some attended as team, others as singletons.

My role for Table 2 as a Provocateur was to facilitate the conversation, keep things moving, provide clarity, poke the bear, challenge thinking.  It was a great fit for my personality.

The Summit schedule included lightning talks, chats, design blocks in chunks, Big 3 ideas for discussion.  It was intentional , thoughtful & well executed.  Here are my notes:

ISTE Tools for Admins:




ISTE Leadership standards


ISTE Partner District:


Recommended Reads for Administrators from Jon Corripo

Free UDL Lesson Plans: CUE.org/CRAFT

1st design challenge: Discovery Conversation big question in table groups.

1 2 3 icebreaker in partners say 1 then 2 then 3……

15 minutes: take notes as Admin tells you about their district  & their scope their challenges.

Where do you need to work? What’s you Big idea?

Identify 3 essential conditions you want to work on over 2 days.


2nd design challenge: Interpretation

Design Block 3: Ideation
Quick write, pass around for others to ask more questions. We often don’t ask enough ?’s

Craft a pitch. 15 minutes. Practice pitch.


Design Block 4: Experimentation

Cool social media template:

Design Block 5: Evolution

 Block 6: Presentation


Other Resources:



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