A new kind of Professional Development for Teachers Series: Part 1

On August 11, for New Teacher Boot Camp in Dublin CA, 100 teachers will pick up their laptops, sign in to network with new login and password, and listen, listen, listen, as IT department tells them how to navigate WIN 8.1 for reading email, opening PowerPoint, etc.  WAIT, scratch that, rewind, that’s what we did in 2014 and every year prior in Education Technology.

Meet 2015 in Dublin, CA: 100 teachers will get laptops, but that is the only similarity. Here’s our agenda in the Technology Services Department:

  1. Check out laptop
  2. Sign into Google for Education Apps (GAFE)
  3. Personalize your laptop with stickers with positive themes!
  4. stop by the “What is my teacher super power?” green screen movie photobooth
  5. Build your skeleton website with contact information

So; how does that sound? #welcometomyhouse

Resources for ways to use green screen, video creation, or animation in classrooms (more to come….):

ISTE: Engage elementary students with stop animation! with step by step instructions for how to do this in your classroom

25 Free Green Screen resources


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