Small Changes

id-100202098I attended a medium-size high school in a medium sized city: Reno, Nevada. I attended and graduated from Sonoma State University, which is a medium sized state college and studied at smaller private college for my Masters in Management/Organizational Development. With a few rare exceptions, all of my jobs have been in medium sized organizations. Why does size matter? I believe as change agents we can make little changes that make a big impact–even in small-to-medium organizations. Completely retooling your instructional style is unrealistic in the course of a day, a week, a month, or school year, but attempting to introduce a even a slight change in your instructional style can have a significant impact on your students. Let’s say you use paper and pencil for most of your corrections on a document camera connected to the projector projecting onto your whiteboard. What if you tried using your tablet connected to the projector projecting onto the whiteboard? This would allow you movement in the room that you would not have otherwise. You could even get the bonus of handing off your tablet to a student to demonstrate a learning outcome. This is just one example of a little change that could eventually make a big difference in the student experience in your classroom. Give it a try and comment on this post with what you discover by making a little change. What’s the best “little change” you would share with a new teacher?


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