Diversifying the technology field

Coding is a hot topic on Twitter, LinkedIn, and just about everywhere in the media. But the tech industry currently is not well known for being a center of diversity in race or gender. Article after article, interviews, and blog posts are all discussing this issue: how do we change the current corporate culture in technology to more accurately represent our diverse nation? And especially, how do we empower our girls to help them onto a pathway to tech careers?

As a female who has been in the technology industry for approximately 17 years, I don’t have any answers. I do have all of the same questions as everybody else. How do we get girls involved in any industry that has been dominated by men? How do we reach girls in low-income neighborhoods and kids of color to even consider technology as a course?

So, rather offer my thoughts as to how we can do it, I want to pose a question. What do you think is a way to reach at-risk, low-income students of color, especially girls, to consider careers in technology?


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